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Southern California Public Power Authority – Installation & Construction

Location: Burbank, California

This project was recognized by Platts Power Magazine as the 2005 Project of the Year by helping narrow Southern California’s capacity gap in an innovative, cost effective and environmentally sound way. Two decommissioned plants, Magnolia Units 1 and 2 were removed. Installed a combustion turbine-generator and heat-recovery steam-generator system over a 24-month period.

General Electric model 7FA combustion turbine-generator and a General Electric model A-14 Steam turbine-generator. Additional duct firing and steam injection was added. Constructed a turbine-generator building, stack, reclaimed wastewater cooling water tower and evaporation facilities, and the unit’s control center and administrative offices. Upgraded the existing electrical switch yard to handle increased power flows.

The Magnolia Facility uses Burbank’s reclaimed wastewater for all of its power plant water uses and evaporates any excess. This eliminates discharge into the Los Angeles River.

Month project completion
Commitment to safety

Scope of Work

  • Removed 2 decommissioned plants
  • Installation
  • Construction
Power plant
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