Better together.

At Matrix, diversity, equity and inclusion are the foundation of our core values: safety, positive relationships, stewardship, integrity, community involvement and delivering the best. The Company is actively engaged in embedding inclusion and diversity into its culture, including the formation of an Inclusion and Diversity committee comprised of leaders and employees from across the Company; development of enterprise-wide training focused on inclusive practices and unconscious bias; and evaluation of recruiting and employment practices to ensure the Company attracts and engages an increasingly diverse workforce; and review of operational practices to advance and encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to also advocate for diversity.


Better together. We mean it. Learn how we implement our beliefs.


DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: they are the power we generate when we value each other’s differences and encourage everyone’s voice to be heard. Together, they fuel ideas and innovation, enrich our experiences, and drive our success. Done well, the result is EQUITY – a fair and level playing field for every employee.


  • Lead by example and personify our core values
  • Show genuine interest in people and believe the best in others
  • Actively work to encourage, support and develop each other
  • Create an environment where people feel safe to share ideas and express concerns



Our mission is to create equity: the result of Diversity and Inclusion done well, demonstrated by fair treatment in practices, procedures and policies, the identification and elimination of any barriers that prevent all employees from equal treatment, equal representation in the workplace, and access, opportunity and advancement for all employees.


How do you effect change? You have to first open ears, then minds, then hearts. Matrix is committed to facilitating this change.


Matrix President and CEO John Hewitt shared his personal encounters, emphasizing why diversity, equity and inclusion are so important to him and crucial to our culture as we grow together as a Matrix family.


In the second DEI Day of Understanding session, Matrix employees continued the conversation to help us further embrace differences in our organization, educate one another, and ultimately build a more inclusive culture inside and outside of Matrix. To prompt effective dialogue and ultimately change, the company presented the concept of Halos and Horns, unconscious bias and how first impressions, whether favorable or unfavorable, can block objectivity causing missed opportunities for some individuals. Sometimes wanting to be “right” can take us in the wrong direction.


Matrix employees nationwide gathered online for an open conversation on race and healing with Hannibal Johnson, a Harvard Law School graduate, author, attorney, and consultant specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, human relations, leadership, and non-profit leadership and management.

Hannibal is also an expert historian on the worst racially motivated events in U.S. history – the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. He shared his insights to share dialogue and begin the process of difficult conversations inside our own company and our own communities around racism and exclusion.


Team Matrix opens up about their own personal experiences with diversity. Learn along with us through the blogs below.

Racism in America: I own this. Do you?

We are living in unprecedented times. A simple virus has turned the entire world on its head. It has destroyed lives both medically and economically and created generational changes in how we will do business, travel, and interact. Where and how we eat, shop, and work may never be the same. Entire industries may cease to exist. And it has attacked the most fragile and disadvantaged among us with great force.  Read more.

How will you use your privilege to create change?

In the spirit of our DEI journey at Matrix, I recently led an interactive discussion on the book Waking Up White by Debby Irving with the Matrix Officer team.  I found Waking Up White a thought-provoking book, one that made me squirm a little at some of its arguments and challenged my beliefs.  I want to share some of the most interesting parts of the book with you, in hopes I can make you squirm just a bit…..during my career in HR, I’ve found that sometimes we’re only able to overcome our most challenging issues when we address the things that make us the most uncomfortable. Read more.

A letter to employees: my Inclusion & Diversity journey

In the past 14 months I have been involved in the two People Summits we held, where I&D was a big part of the discussion. Our Matrix I&D committee invited me to join them, which I did eagerly. In October, I signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion​ – the only company in Tulsa, one of five in all of Oklahoma – and attended the CEO Action summit in New York with many of the other participating CEO’s from across the country. Read more.


If you are looking for more information about a specific topic, or for resources on all things diversity, equity, and inclusion, you're in the right spot! See what Matrix employees are reading, watching, and listening to.

Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi

If you are looking for broad perspectives and actionable ways we can all work toward an equitable world, I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Honestly, anything Ibram X. Kendi touches is gold… but I digress.

Even just a few episodes in, it’s gone far beyond race to address other inequities and the way they intersect to negatively affect the lives of so many.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

When and How to Respond to Microaggressions

I’ve come a long way in learning how to spot microaggressions, but responding to them appropriately is an area I need to work even harder on.​​​​​​​

This piece does a great job of breaking it down, and it’s written by three business school professors who are also women of color. I appreciate the perspective and clarity they bring to what can be a pretty complicated, uncomfortable issue.  See more.

‘Think about problems in a different way’: Inside the Bank of America CISO’s neurodiversity push

This interview with the CISO of Bank of America outlines the company’s efforts to value and include neurodiversity. As a neurodiverse person (Autism ftw!) who took a very circuitous route getting to my current happy place, I welcome and applaud B of A for these efforts.

“People who are neurodiverse, they often do a better job with pattern recognition than people who aren’t. And so there are lots of jobs in cybersecurity that require pattern recognition… ”  See it here.


Making a Difference

CEO John Hewitt signs Tulsa Pay Equity Pledge

Matrix was one of thirteen companies to join Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum in signing the Tulsa Pay Equity Pledge – a voluntary initiative dedicated to closing the gender pay gap in the city of Tulsa.

Although this initiative is Tulsa-based, Matrix is fully committed to pay equity for all our employees, enterprise-wide.

CEO John Hewitt supports Girl Scouts in monthlong campaign

​According to the National Association of Women in Construction​, of the approximately 10.3 million individuals working in the construction industry, women make up just over 9%. At Matrix, as we work toward building a stronger, more diverse and inclusive environment, that's a percentage we'd like to see grow. Making it so will be a long, complicated process, but Matrix is committed to doing our part.

John Hewitt signs CEO Action Pledge

October 31 may have marked the end of Global Diversity Month, but it was a very special day for Inclusion & Diversity efforts at Matrix.

Hewitt joined over 800 Company leaders supporting more inclusive workplaces. Hewitt's signature on the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion (CEO Action) pledge​ commits Matrix Service Company and its subsidiaries to:

  • Cultivating a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued