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Confidential Client – Natural Gas Processing Plant

Location: Orla, Texas

Matrix PDM Engineering developed an EPC solution leveraging our gas processing expertise, partnerships with key process equipment suppliers, and our modular design approach that allowed our team to deliver an operating facility on schedule.

The new facility involves the integration of a Thomas Russell cryogenic module, two 1,050 gpm amine liquid treaters, two 15.5 gpm triethylene glycol dehydrators (TEG units), two 30,000 scfm regenerative thermal oxidizers, and other ancillary equipment.

BOP services encompassed foundation design for all equipment and components, civil site design, design for fabrication of all off-skid piping, pipe rack modules and supports, associated pipe stress analysis, electrical and instrumentation engineering for power distribution, grounding and lighting, instrument data sheets and electrical installation details.

In addition, the project team provided master P&IDs, development of a coordinated project schedule, and assistance to ISTI on commissioning and start-up activities.

A modular design, fabrication, and construction strategy allowed us to shorten the schedule and reduce risk and on-site construction time to bring the site online and to market faster; time to market was key for our client and their needs.

MMSCFD greenfield project
gpm amine liquid treaters
gpm triethylene glycol dehydrators

Scope of Work

  • Cryogenic module
  • Two 1,050 GPM amine liquid heaters
  • Two 15.5 GPM Triethylene Glycol dehydrators
  • Emergency flare system
  • Water treating (RO) system
  • Slug catcher
  • Liquid stabilizer
  • Condensate storage
  • Truck loading
  • Residue gas compression
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