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Mosaic New Wales Sulfur Melter and Material Handling hero image

Mosaic – EPC of Sulfur Melter and Material Handling at New Wales

Location: Mulberry, Florida

Matrix PDM Engineering developed an engineer-led EPC strategy, leveraging proprietary melting and filtering technology, sulfur handling and storage experience, and executing a modular design, fabrication, and construction strategy to shorten the schedule, reduce risk, and reduce on-site construction.

The new sulfur melter plant heats solid sulfur to liquid form and mixes with existing molten sulfur supply. With world sulfur markets changing, this method provides a new opportunity to ensure a more reliable and low cost supply.

Matrix PDM managed and executed the commissioning by working with our client, vendors, and construction contractors to develop a detailed start-up and commissioning plan. The Matrix PDM Control Systems Integration Team, along with field technicians, executed pre-commissioning through performance guarantee in six weeks. The team provided classroom and hands-on training for the operations and maintenance staff that enabled them to work alongside our in-house team during commissioning; this made for a seamless transition during turnover and project closeout.

Engineering hours executed
Construction hours executed
Tons per year sulfur melting capacity

Scope of Work

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Material handling system including truck unloading, conveying, and a 6,000 ton concrete storage silo
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Control systems integration
Matrix PDM Engineering
Material handling

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