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Hamon Research-Cottrell (HRC) – Wet Gas Scrubber Fabrication and Construction

Location: Anacortes, Washington

Matrix Service was selected as the general contractor at the Tesoro MACT II (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) project by Hamon Research-Cottrell (HRC). The project was an air quality compliance project with a mandated completion date.

Matrix Service met the schedule required by working on the Wet Gas Scrubber area, Purge Treatment Area and the laydown yard/fabrication area simultaneously. The primary scope was the fabrication and erection of a Wet Gas Scrubber, which is a 26’ diameter stainless steel top supported vessel with an upper and lower cone and a stack. The top of the 100’ stack was 199’ aboveground. The initial step of the scrubber was the erection of the support structure, followed by the fabrication of the scrubber drum. The lower cone was fabricated on the ground, inverted and temporarily supported in the structure.

Once completed, the scrubber drum was hoisted into the structure and set on its supports. The lower cone was then raised and welded to the bottom of the drum. The upper cone was fabricated on the ground and installed on the top of the drum, followed by vessel internals and the stack. Installation of the sweeping elbows, venturies and large diameter ductwork completed the main scrubber work. Concurrent activities included installation of two 1500 HP slurry pumps, process piping systems, electrical, instrumentation, insulation and paint.

This complex project was completed on time, with excellent quality and no recordable injuries, resulting in tremendous client satisfaction.

diameter SS vessel
recordable injuries
on schedule

Scope of Work

  • Fabrication and erection of a Wet Gas Scrubber
Tesoro MACT II
Hamon Research-Cottrell
199’ aboveground
Air quality compliance

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