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FlowDome Geodesic Domes Cover Image

FlowDome™ Geodesic Domes


Eliminate leaks with the FlowDome's innovative design technology.

The FlowDome incorporated decades of tank equipment design experience into its ultimate geodesic dome design.

You'll see that it offers particular protection against potential leak points including dome hubs, main panel seams, & roof penetration points such as gauge poles, walkways or other tank appurtenances.

Our use of 3-D & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software ensures structural integrity & 3D positional accuracy at all times.

FlowDome design advantages include:

Panel clamping battens are flush with main roof panels so that sealing around the hub is easier.
Flush battens allow water to drain away and the dome cap offers a better seal across the battens & roof panels because they are all on a similar plane.
Lock (huck) bolts at hub connections ensure a predetermined uniform tension is applied to all structural connections. These bolts become permanent fasteners.
Packed with the installer in mind. Parts are color-coded and numbered for efficient assembly.

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