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Specialty Vessels

For decades, Matrix has been the industry leaders for design and fabrication/construction, respectively, of aboveground storage tanks and specialty vessels. Our AST capabilities cover atmospheric, pressurized and cryogenic tanks for liquid, gas and bulk storage, including complete terminals.

As the world transitions to a low carbon economy and works to reduce CO2 emissions and transition to a sustainable environment, new technologies and innovative infrastructure solutions are required.

Specialty vessels are used across a wide range of industries serving countless functions. You’ll find them midstream, downstream and in chemical, aerospace, industrial and wastewater applications. Specialty tanks and vessels often have complex design requirements and specifications. Matrix has the expertise and experience to not only design such specialty vessels, but also fabricate and construct them on a North American coast-to-coast basis.

Specialty tank and vessel construction projects are engineered and constructed with the same strict adherence to project details of API 650 and 620 requirements. The ability to apply our vast knowledge of tank construction techniques to these specialty projects ensures customer satisfaction from project conception to completion.

Our subsidiaries’ experience with specialty tanks and vessels includes ASME spheres, thermal energy storage tanks (TES), factory Mutual (FM) tanks, open top clarifiers, aerobic / anaerobic digesters, egg shaped digesters, elevated storage /hopper tanks, bins, silos, stacks and scrubbers.

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Industries served include:

  • Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Terminals
  • Industrial gas/LNG
  • Power
  • Ethanol
  • Water/wastewater
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Food and beverage
  • Heavy industrial

Molten salt sulfur storage vessels – Matrix has designed specialty vessels for solar thermal power plants.  Key design issues around molten sulfur includes innovative heating coils and the design of piping systems to transport molten salt.

Digesters – RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) is a highly valued product due to its negative carbon intensity. Matrix has designed digesters that are able to process multiple waste feedstocks – such as manure or sludge from wastewater processing applications – to successfully produce RNG.

Stratified chilled/hot water thermal energy storage (TES) Tanks – These tanks are used for energy storage for economical use of off-peak power. They are greatly valued because they help in balancing energy demand and higher system efficiencies. These tanks achieve the green energy targets for customers who have large cooling loads such as data centers, commercial buildings, process plants, utilities, etc.

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Subsidiary Specialty Contact and email Phone
  Engineering Vikas Moharir 610 245 5635
  Construction, fabrication, maintenance, relocation Ben Stallings 832 448 4310

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