Matrix NAC-Atlantic City Electric- Cape May Substation

Matrix Service Company is proud to announce that its subsidiary, Matrix NAC, has been awarded New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Projects Award for the current Atlantic City Electric Cape May substation project.  The New Jersey Alliance for Action’s New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Projects awards program was created to highlight innovative, pioneering, and landmark construction initiatives that greatly impact the state’s economy and to honor the businesses and organizations that work together as partners to ensure the project’s success.

This project is going to look very similar to many homes in the Cape May area and has been designed to fit in with the historical architecture of the area.  Work began in fall 2021 with an estimated completion date of spring of 2023.  Atlantic City identified this upgrade as the most cost-effective and least impactful project to enhance the power grid within the community.

“New Jersey is in an infrastructure ‘Renaissance’,” said Alliance for Action President Jerry Keenan. “The work honored today is responsible for nearly $5 billion in capital spending. The work touches every corner of the state, and combined they are responsible for tens of thousands of people going to work today – and for every day the rest of 2022 and beyond.”