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KBR / Monroe Energy – Ultra-Low Sulfur Gasoline (ULSG) Relocation

Location: Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Work consisted of the removal of the 10-year-old operating unit Ultra Low Sulphur Gas (ULSG) plant within the Sun Logistics refinery and relocating all equipment, piping modules, structural steel, and piping / electrical systems to the neighboring Monroe refinery, about 2 miles north.

The scope of work included deconstruction and reconstruction of stick-built steel from the modules and the disconnection and reconnection of structural modules to their supports. Matrix also installed the grade slab including, reinforcing and miscellaneous concrete pipe supports and electrical supports.

Total contract price
Commitment to safety

Scope of Work

  • Deconstruction:
  • Material identification/tagging/inspections
  • Scaffolding
  • Isolate heavy haul modules
  • Electrical cable and tray removal (not reused)
  • Fireproofing/insulation removal (subcontract)
  • Loose steel and pipe removal
  • Flange breaks/pipe cutting
  • Heavy haul & rigging support
  • Removal and transport non-heavy haul items (pumps, exchangers, H2 heater, etc.)
  • Reconstruction:
  • Erect owner-furnished stick-built steel
  • Support heavy haul module and equipment setting
  • Set non-heavy haul equipment (pumps, exchangers, etc.)
  • Receive and set refurbished gas compressor & LO skid
  • 200’ x 300’ concrete slab
  • Erect loose structural steel
  • Reconstruct H2 heater
  • Reinstall all interconnecting pipe
  • Relocate electric panels, junction boxes, and switches
  • Install new LED lighting
  • Pull and terminate 240V service cables
Marcus Hook, PA

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